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It was a sunny afternoon in October 1969 when students were returning home and stared at the sign on Katrak Road which was never there earlier. There was written Café Student.

A man of around 40, Haji Muhammad Ali, was standing behind the sta...

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  • 2 Chicken Tikka
    1 Plate Malai Boti
    1 Plate Seekh Kabab
    5 Pcs. Chicken Boneless Boti
    2 Pcs. Gola Kabab
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    1 Full Biryani Rice / Pulao Rice
    2 Paratha
    2 Chapati

  • 1 Chicken Burger

    1 Fries

    1 Drink

  • 1 Crispy Chicken Burger

    1 Fries

    1 Drink

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